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Trainee Program







Are you ready to work?  Are you eager to get started in a salon setting?  Have you been doing natural hair for years and now ready to work in a professional setting???


If any of  these are questions you have been asking yourself then we may be looking for YOU!!!


 Hairstory Natural Hair is always looking for new, upcoming and creative braiders, natural hair stylist, loctians and newly trained Sisterlock Trainee/ Consultants.  We are here to help you become a professional.   We offer a trainee program to help train you to work as a professional while you earn money.  Hairstory Natural Hair has been in business for over 15 years so we have proven methods of aquiring and maintaining clients.   We all were once there starting out and didn't have any where to turn to.   We believe in paying it forward, so someone opened the door for us so we would like to give back and return the favor.  


We are looking for serious, businessminded, ready to work individuals.  If you think this could be you drop us an email.  Please include what you are interested in ( braids, locks, Sisterlocks)  , Experience , Pictures and availability.  If you are serious about working we are serious about working with you!!!

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